The New Year’s Resolutions I Already Know I Won’t Keep

Happy New YearI know how contradictory this is, but at least I am being honest. The reason that I know I probably won’t keep my resolutions this year is because they are the same ones that I commit to every year and guess what? I don’t keep them!

Is it because I am lazy? No. Is it because I don’t have enough willpower? Probably. Is it because I just want peace and quiet in my life and will do whatever it takes to make everyone happy? Absolutely!

Let’s face it…when you are married or have children, your resolutions are almost always going to affect your family—in one way or another. This is why it is so hard for me to keep mine. Even if there are things that I would like to change in my life (trust me…there are tons), it always comes back to how my family will react and if my resolves will unwillingly fall unto them.

I think the best way to explain this is to share what my “usual” resolutions are and why they usually fly right out the window:

Not getting so stressed over the little things — Sounds easy enough, right? Not if you lived in my house! I have tried so hard (and think that I actually do a pretty good job) at not getting mad or upset over the stupid things that happen, but when your kids are constantly doing these stupid things over and over, you eventually lose your cool and flip out!

Write more — I always resolve to write a lot more than I did the previous year, but that means more time on the laptop. If I were to stick to this goal, the kids would only be able to speak to me through email and some people might consider that bad parenting.

Exercise — Who am I kidding? That doesn’t affect anyone else…I just hate it!

Quit saying “yes” to everyone — This is a big one for a lot of us and every year, I tell myself that ‘this’ is the year that I learn to say, “No.” The problem is that if I say “no” and never help out, who are my children’s teachers going to have helping them when they really need the extra hands during special events? Who is going to help with fundraisers for the PTA? Who is going to help the dedicated staff at our church with all the wonderful activities they do for the kids? Who is going to write the articles or blog posts that are asked of me for someone else’s magazines or websites?

This is definitely not implying that I am the only one who does these things because there are a lot of wonderful parents and community members who volunteer way more than I do. I am just trying to show you how another resolution always comes back to bite me because if I say “no” and everyone else does, too, what will happen? I don’t ever want to find out, so I keep saying, “Yes.”

Bake more — When Mark and I first got married and I would dream about becoming a mother, I always envisioned having a perfectly clean and beautiful home, cooking huge suppers every night, and having homemade cookies waiting for after-school snacks…but, then I had kids! It’s not that I can’t bake; it’s that I don’t have the time. Besides, if I start over-exerting myself and baking non-stop, we would all be super unhealthy and that leads to even more resolutions that I will have to break for next year!

How about you? What resolutions do you make year after year that you can’t seem to ever keep?!


  1. jennay green says

    at least you can be honest with yourself and say the things you know that you will not do lol! I am still working on my resolutions but one of them is to finish my scrapbooks! still have over 2000 pics to do ugh!

    • Stacy says

      Omg…I am a scrapbooker, too, and feel the same way! Of course, my first child has a beautiful book of her first year and a little beyond (even though she’s 12 now) and my second daughter has a first book done, as well. But, my third, that’s another story…that poor kid has nothing :(. Talk about guilt! I keep telling myself that when I get back to scrapbooking that I’m going to make his bigger and better than ever! Haha!!

      Trust me… This resolution list could have been a lot longer of many other things that I never follow through with :(. Oh well…someday, huh?!

  2. Jody says

    I always make my “resolutions” totally obtainable so that I can say I accomplished at least something in the year. This year I think it will be to get laundry done and put away… eventually! Your daughter commented on it the other day. Haha!

    • Stacy says

      That made me laugh, Jody! What a great way to think! Lol! And trust me…my laundry is the same way, so I apparently need to get Eden’s eyes checked!

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